The Hanford Insurance Agency - Geneseo, IL


The Hanford Insurance Agency has served Northwest Illinois for 160 years.  Since our inception, we’ve delivered broad, flexible insurance and risk management solutions that meet the specific needs of individual clients and benefit these clients financially as greatly as possible.  In tandem with these solutions we provide personalized services that keep clients informed, help clients make the best decisions, and give clients the support they need to manage claims and feel like their insurance investments are sound. 

We’ve expanded over the years to become a large agency that serves vast and almost innumerable personal and commercial insurance needs.  Our programs are all-encompassing and adaptable.  One of the reasons for this is that our coverages are sourced from a series of different, A-rated insurance carriers.  Another reason is that we deliver solutions that meet clients’ needs without fail; this dictates that solutions are never one-size-fits-all and contain client-specific coverages.  As an agency, we’re proud to provide an extensive collection of insurance programs while simultaneously offering detailed, readily-available, services.

Our reputation for effective products and efficient services is something of which we’re proud, but it’s not the only reputation we endeavor to have.  We aim to be good, giving citizens in addition to being solid insurers.  To achieve this aim we support, sponsor, and work with groups and organizations that make our service communities better places to live and work.  We sponsor events put on by Hammond Henry Hospital, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Rotary Club.  We also donate funds to nonprofits and we sponsor youth groups and sports clubs. 

Our dedication to providing the best insurance products and services and contributing to the communities we serve is a reflection of our commitment to doing right by the people and businesses in Northwest Illinois.  We hope to do more in the future to deliver on this commitment.

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We provide insurance to clients near Geneseo, Cleveland, Green River, Dayton and Colona as well as the surrounding areas.

Our Locations

Hanford Insurance Agency (Geneseo)

119 S State St
Geneseo, IL 61254
Main office: 309-944-5151

Hanford Insurance Agency (Prophetstown)

312 Washington St
Prophetstown, IL 61277
Main office: 815-537-2301

Hanford Insurance Agency (Erie)

734 Main St
Erie, IL 61250
Main office: 309-659-2323

Cover Insurance Agency (Toulon)

107 W Main Street
Toulon, IL 61483
Main office: 309-286-2531

Bell Insurance Services (Cambridge)

210 N Prospect St
Cambridge, IL 61238
Main office: 309-937-3355

VanDeRostyne Insurance Services (Atkinson)

101 West Main St
Atkinson, IL 61235
Main office: 309-936-7220

Hanford Insurance Agency (Port Byron)

103 N. Main St.
Port Byron, IL 61275
Main office: 309-848-9172

Our Providers


"Hanford Insurance helps to minimize risk in my farming operations. Having them in my corner to offer expertise and understand my needs is a tremendous asset to my business."
I have been a client of Hanford Insurance Agency over the last several years and Every interaction with the agents has been more than positive. The personal attention you get from them is second to none. It is very rare these days to receive such excellent personal attention and customer service, I highly recommend them.
"You can take heart in the fact that the agent isn't just trying to sell you something, he legitimately cares about his clients and their well-being."