Vanderostyne Insurance Services - Atkinson, IL


The Vanderostyne Insurance Services provides insurance and risk management solutions to individuals and businesses.  For almost 80 years we’ve provided our service communities with invaluable products and services and devoted ourselves to helping these communities grow.  Our owner and some members of our staff are lifelong insurers, and some of the staff has worked for the agency since entering adulthood.  Our agency has expanded and as a result has increased package options and coverage selections.  This allows us to provide more comprehensive solutions and to serve more people. 

We’re independent so we work with different insurance companies.  These companies allow us to provide diverse and adaptable coverages to our clients, and we’re very proud of this.  Strong coverage options help clients customize policies, and customization is a key to a policies’ effectiveness.  Since one of our goals is to provide clients with the most value, effectiveness is essential.

Strong and affordable products and personalized services are critical parts of our business, but they are not the only parts of the business.  We make involving ourselves in the communities we serve an inseparable part of being insurers; it allows us to be good citizens as well.  We attend events put on by Heritage Days, Rebuilding Together Spring, and Fall Work Days.  These events help raise money that makes our service communities better places to live and work.  Rebuilding Together Henry County is another organization that does this and we work with this organization regularly.  Also, we support the Heritage Days Car Show, which brings business to Northwest Illinois.

If you would like to know more, please contact us or give us a call.   You can request a quote also to start on a policy.  


Our Locations

Hanford Insurance Agency (Geneseo)

119 S State St
Geneseo, IL 61254
Main office: 309-944-5151

Hanford Insurance Agency (Prophetstown)

312 Washington St
Prophetstown, IL 61277
Main office: 815-537-2301

Hanford Insurance Agency (Erie)

734 Main St
Erie, IL 61250
Main office: 309-659-2323

Cover Insurance Agency (Toulon)

107 W Main Street
Toulon, IL 61483
Main office: 309-286-2531

Bell Insurance Services (Cambridge)

210 N Prospect St
Cambridge, IL 61238
Main office: 309-937-3355

VanDeRostyne Insurance Services (Atkinson)

101 West Main St
Atkinson, IL 61235
Main office: 309-936-7220

Hanford Insurance Agency (Port Byron)

103 N. Main St.
Port Byron, IL 61275
Main office: 309-848-9172

Our Providers


"Hanford Insurance helps to minimize risk in my farming operations. Having them in my corner to offer expertise and understand my needs is a tremendous asset to my business."
I have been a client of Hanford Insurance Agency over the last several years and Every interaction with the agents has been more than positive. The personal attention you get from them is second to none. It is very rare these days to receive such excellent personal attention and customer service, I highly recommend them.
"You can take heart in the fact that the agent isn't just trying to sell you something, he legitimately cares about his clients and their well-being."